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Need and Difference of DevOps

Need of DevOps
  • The development and operation team worked in complete isolation before DevOps process.
  • Testing and Deployment were isolated activities done after design-build. Hence they consumed more time than actual build cycles.
  • Without using DevOps, team members are spending a large amount of their time in testing, deploying, and designing instead of building the project.
  • Manual code deployment leads to human errors in production.

How is DevOps different from traditional IT :
  • Let's compare traditional software waterfall model with DevOps to understand the changes DevOps bring. Let us assume the application is schedule to go live in 2 weeks and coding is 80% done.
  • We assume the application is a fresh launch and the process of buying servers to ship the code has just begun-
  • Old Process :
  1. After placing an order for new servers, the Development team work on testing. The operation team works on extensive paperwork as required in enterprises to deploy the infrastructure.
  2. Operation team has no clue on the progress of the Development team.
  • DevOps :
  1. After placing an order for new servers Development and Operations team work together on the paperwork to set-up the new servers. This results in better visibility of infrastructure requirement.
  2. In DevOps, the Operations team is completely aware of the progress the developers are making. Operation team interact with developers and jointly develop a monitoring plan that caters to the IT and business needs
  • In general, when comparing DevOps organizations to traditional IT, DevOps will have policies and practices that differ from those of traditional IT along the following eight key dimensions.

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