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What is Nginx?

Nginx  is a web server software by which you can make sure that your page load time is reduced.

  • An open source software and provides HTTP server capabilities.
  • Mainly used for reverse proxying, caching and load balancing.
  • Designed for maximum performance and stability.
  • Uses a Non-threaded and event-driven architecture.

Architecture of Nginx 

Nginx uses master-slave architecture by supporting event-driven, asynchronous and non-blocking model.

 Worker :- Worker processors accepts the requests and starts processing the requests.

Master :- Master is responsible for reading and validating configuration, also it is responsible for starting, stopping and processing the worker.

Cache Loader :- Cache Loader is responsible for checking the on disk cache items and populating engines in money database with cache metadata.

How to configure Nginx

Problems Before Containers :

My Application is working is my laptop but not in testing or production environment because of the runtime drift, configuration drift or dependency drift. So how to sort this out ?

How Containers Solve that issue :-

Containers are the solution to it. As it packs up the code and all its dependencies in single unit such that it can run reliably from one computing environment to another.


Why not in virtual machine ?

Virtual Machine (VMs) take up a lot resources as it has a full copy of a OS+ virtual copy of hardware, which adds up to lot of RAM and CPU, whereas in containers you just need supporting programs, libraries and system resources to run a application.

Why Docker ?

  • Develop an app using Docker containers with any language and any toolchain.
  • Ship the "Dockerized" app and dependencies anywhere -to QA, teammates, or the cloud-without breaking anything.
  • Scale to 1000s of nodes, move between data centers and clouds, update with zero downtime and more.

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