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What are the extra benefits of Ripple over Bitcoin? Why do people buy Ripple instead of Bitcoin?

Ripple is the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and its objective is to create a speedy, less costly and scalable payment settlement system that enables instant monetary transactions globally.

Compared to Bitcoin, which enables peer-to-peer settlement, Ripple caters more to institutional financial players and has positioned itself against traditional settlement systems like SWIFT.

Difference between Bitcoin and Ripple

  • The first basic difference is, Bitcoin is a digital currency to be used as a medium of exchange, whereas Ripple is payment settlement, currency exchange and remittance system designed for banks and financial institutions.
  • Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology, whereas, Ripple uses distributed consensus ledger (not blockchain). Through a network of validating servers and XRP tokens, Ripple settles payment.
  • Bitcoin has a defined monetary system, whereas Ripple doesn’t have any such system. It comes with pre-mined 100 billion XRP, of which, 60% is owned by Ripple Labs.

Benefits of Ripple over Bitcoin

  • Highly scalable network- can handle up to 1500 transactions per second
  • Less costly transaction fees- the cost of standard transaction on Ripple network is 0.00001 XRP
  • Instant payment settlement- transaction confirmation takes less than 5 seconds
  • It allows only pre-approved participants to manage nodes and verify transactions
  • Uses less energy per transaction

Why is Ripple preferred over Bitcoin?

Three major factors why people buy XRP instead of BTC are:

  • XRP tokens are priced very low, less than a dollar, which drives people buying psychology
  • Ripple Network is used by many large financial institutions around the world for payment settlement and currency exchange, which will drive greater adoption of XRP tokens
  • It is changing the face of banks’ global payment settlement and remittance system

Ripple as a cryptocurrency is a great investment option in the long term, however, it is difficult to forecast or comprehend whether it will be able to beat Bitcoin’s return.

Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency and has emerged as the world’s default reserve digital currency.

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