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Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners

  • Predict Housing Price
  • Enron Investigation
  • Stock Price Prediction
  • Customer Recommendation
  • Chatbots
  • Voice-based Virtual Assistant for Windows
  • Facial Emotion Recognition and Detection
  • Online Assignment Plagiarism Checker
  • Personality Prediction System via CV Analysis
  • Heart Disease Prediction Project
  • Banking Bot
  • Differentiate the music genre from an audio file
  • Image reconstruction by using an occluded scene
  • Identify human emotions through pictures
  • Summarize articles written in technical text
  • Filter the content and identify spam

Only learning theory is not enough. That’s why everyone encourages students to try artificial intelligence projects and complete them. From following the artificial intelligence trends to getting their hands dirty on projects. So, if you are a beginner, the best thing you can do is work on some real-time Artificial Intelligence project ideas.

We, here at ntirawen, believe in a practical approach as theoretical knowledge alone won’t be of help in a real-time work environment. In this article, we will be exploring some interesting Artificial Intelligence project ideas which beginners can work on to put their Python knowledge to test. In this article, you will find 16 top Artificial Intelligence project ideas for beginners to get hands-on experience on AI.

You may often catch yourself talking to or asking a question to Siri or Alexa, right? Self-driving cars are no longer something you dreamed of or watched in a sci-fi, either, is it? So, how are machines acting and doing things that we thought only humans could?

The simple answer is artificial intelligence or AI. For decades scientists have worked on making AI possible. And today, we have reached a point where we have access to them in our daily lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are navigating the streets with the help of your AI-enabled navigation system or asking for movie recommendations from the comforts of your home- AI has touched all our lives.

If you read the reports on the future of jobs or the digital transformations today, you will come across several interesting topics in artificial intelligence. Conversations revolving around artificial intelligence topics, such as its impact on our work and life, have become a mainstay in the mainstream media. 

These projects will help you in advancing your skills as an expert while testing your current knowledge at the same time. You can use artificial intelligence in multiple sectors. The more you experiment with different Artificial Intelligence project ideas, the more knowledge you gain.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the most exciting artificial intelligence project ideas for beginners:

As beginners, choosing among these AI topics and research ideas for your project may seem daunting.  After all, artificial intelligence topics are very new, and you will read about many interesting topics in artificial intelligence. Reading about the fundamentals of these AI topics is very important, but you have to gain practical know-how to grow in the field. 

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