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Block Chain Developer

Who is a Blockchain Developer?

→ A developer responsible for developing and optimizing blockchain protocols, crafting the architecture of blockchain system, developing smart contracts and web apps using blockchain technology are commonly called blockchain developers.

Types of Blockchain Developer

→ Two major types of blockchain developer
 1. Blockchain Core Developer :- Core blockchain developer handles the design architecture of blockchain technology. 

 2. Blockchain Software Developer :- Blockchain software developer use this architecture to create blockchain application.

Roles of a Blockchain Core Developer 

 1. Architecture of System
 2. Consensus Design
 3. Supervision of the Network
 4. Design Blockchain Protocols

Roles of Blockchain Software Developer

 1. Smart contract development
 2. Front end development of application
 3. Backend development
 4. Supervision of full stack

Technical Knowledge Required

 - Understand the Blockchain Architecture
 - In depth understanding of Data Structure
 - Understand the basics principles of Cryptography used in blockchain
 - Learn a language used for smart contract development
 - Basics of web-development

Companies Hiring Blockchain Developers

      For every 5 blockchain related job opening, there is only 1 developer available at this time. It's the right time to apply for a job if you have the skills!

Blockchain Council

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