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The Wumpus World in AI

The Wumpus World environment

- The Wumpus is a computer game
- The agent explores a cave consisting of rooms connected by passageways.
- Looking somewhere in the cave is the Wumpus, a beast that eats any agent enters its room.
- Some rooms contain bottomless pits that trap any agent that wanders into the room.
- Occasionally, there is a heap of gold in a room.
- The goal is to collect the gold and exit the world without being eaten.

A typical Wumpus world

The agent always starts in the filed [1,1].

The task of agent is to find the gold return to the field [1,1] and climb out of the cave.

Agent in a Wumpus world : Percepts

The agent perceives
 - a stench in the square containing the wumpus and in the adjacent squares (not diagonally)
 - a breeze in the squares adjacent to a pit
 - a glitter in the square where the gold is
 - a bump, if it walks into a wall
 - a woeful screen everywhere in the cave, if the wumpus is killed

The percepts will be given as a five-symbol list :If there is a stench, and a breeze, but no glitter, no bump, and no scream, the percept is
          [ Stench, Breeze, None, None, None]

The agent can not perceive its own location.

Wumpus actions
  •  go forward
  • turn right 90 degrees
  • turn left 90 degrees
  • grab means pick up an object that is in the same square as the agent
  • shoot means fire an arrow in a straight line in the direction the agent is looking. The arrow continues until it either hits and kills the wumpus or hits the wall. The agent has only one arrow. Only the first shot has any effect.
  • climb is used to leave the cave. Only effective in start field.
  • die, if the agent enters a square with a pit or a live wumpus (No take-backs!)

Wumpus goal

The agent's goal is to find the gold and bring it back to the start as quickly as possible, without getting killed.
 - 1000 point deducted for every action taken 
 - 10000 points penalty for getting killed

Wumpus world characterization
  • Fully Observable No- only local perception
  • Deterministic Yes- outcomes exactly specified
  • Episodic No- sequential at the level of actions
  • Static Yes- Wumpus and pits do not move
  • Discrete Yes
  • Single-agent? Yes- Wumpus is essentially a natural feature

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