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Top 10 DevOps Tools which are used in companies

Before and After DevOps

1. Git
  • Open Source version control tool
  • Decentralized source code management tool
  • It is highly scalable
  • Supports non-linear development
  • Easy branching
  • It is reliable as very contributor has his own local repo
Companies Using Git
    - Microsoft
    - amazom
    - Linked-in
    - accenture
    - Facebook
    - YAHOO!

2. Jenkins

  • It is most famous continuous integration tool
  • It is an open source tool with great community support
  • It has 2000+ plugins to ease your work
  • It is built with java and hence, it is portable to all the major platforms.
Companies Using Jenkins
   - pentaho
   - openstack
   - AngularJs
   - Capgemini
   - Luxoft
   - Linked-in

3. Selenium
  • Software tools to automate web browsers.
  • It is open source and mainly used for functional testing and regression testing.
  • Supports different PL→ Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript.
  • Support different OS→ windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Companies Using Selenium
   - Google
   - IBM
   - J.P.Morgan
   - Cognizant
   - salesforce
   - Fidelity

4. Docker
  • Docker is a containerization platform Provides agility to SDLC
  • Provides portability
  • Provides security to deliver applications safely across the entire lifecycle.
  • Helps in cost optimization
  • Light weight alternative to VMs
Companies Using Docker
  - UBER
  - New Relic
  - PayPal
  - ebay

5. Puppet
  • Most famous configuration management tool
  • Used for deploying configuring and managing servers
  • Has a master-slave architecture Open-source tool.
  • Long commercial track record
Companies Using Puppet
   - CISCO
   - Raytheon
   - scrippsnetworks

6. Chef
  • It is a configuration management tool
  • Supports multiple platforms like AIX, RHEL/CentOS, FreeBSD and can be integrated with cloud-based platforms
  • Open-source tool
  • Active, smart and fast growing community support
Companies Using Chef
   - Mozilla Firefox
   - Expedia
   - facebook
   - hP
   - rockspace

7. Ansible

  • It is an open source configuration management tool
  • Supports push configuration
  • It has a master slave architecture 
  • It is completely agentless
  • It uses simple syntax written YAML
  • Batteries included
Companies Using Ansible
   - Capital One
   - NASA

8. Splunk

  •  It is used to store, search, analyze and visualize the machine generated data
  • It can ingest any type of data file
  • Create knowledge objects for operational intelligence
  • It monitors business metrics
Companies Using Splunk
   - CISCO
   - Facebook
   - IBM
   - BOSCH
   - Domino's

9. ELK

  • It is a powerful collection of three open source tools: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana
  • Logstash is the data collection pipeline tool
  • Elasticsearch is a NoSQL database
  • Kibana is a data visualization tool
Companies Using ELK
   - accenture
   - Linked-in

10. Nagios
  • It monitors and troubleshoot serve performance issues
  • It allows us to plan for infrastructure upgrades before outdated systems cause failures
  • It can be used to automatically fix problems when they are detected
Companies Using Nagios
   - YAHOO!
   - SONY

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