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Top 10 Reason to Learn DevOps

1. 360 Degree View Of The SDLC

2. Become More Valuable To The Company

Most of the companies are using DevOps. These Companies are looking for people with wide variety of skills for cost optimization purpose.

3.Faster Releases (Business Perspective)

It makes the SDLC process agile, and ensures faster rate of innovation.

4. Reliable Releases (Business Perspective)

Software release are reliable, with very few failures

5. Separate Yourself From The Crowd

DevOps knowledge makes you more confident. You have something that can separate you from the crowd.

6. Fast Career Growth

You can work with different teams within an organization. You also have experience with a lot of development testing and deployment technologies. Basically, you are a big asset to any organization.

7. Easy To Get A Job

Devops is something, which is a need for most of the organizations. Therefore, there is a lot of demand in the market for Devops professionals.

8. Fat Pay Check

DevOps professionals are pretty highly paid across all geographies.

9. Exposure To Various Trending Tools And Technologies

DevOps involves various stages and for each stage there are multiple tools available.

10. Anyone Can Learn DevOps

People from different backgrounds can learn DevOps. Even a fresher with basic knowledge of Linux and one scripting language can learn DevOps.

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