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Top 10 Applications of Machine Learning

In this page we are learn a Application of Machine Learning .

1. Google Maps

Faster Route Selection
  • Google Maps - The App which we use every time we go out.
  • Despite of the usual traffic, you are on the fastest route.
  • Everyone who is using the Google Maps is contributing in making the app more accurate

2. Facebook

Auto friend tagging suggestion
  • Facebook suggests if you wan to tag the person in the pic.
  • Uses Facebook's face detection and recognition algorithms.
  • Based on the project "Deepface". 

Deepface :- Deepface is a Deep Learning facial recognition system created by research group add Facebook.It identify human faces and digital images.

3. Uber 
  • Personalized Application
  • Estimated Time of Arrival

4. Amazon 

Ads Recommendation
  • Recommends ads based on your search history.
  • Machine Learning is used in generating recommendation.
  • 35% of Amazon's revenue is generated by its recommendation system.

5. iPhone 
  • Smartphone with facial recognition.
  • Core of the face detection-machine learning algorithms
  • Powerful Apple A11 Chip

6. Tesla

  • Driver less Cars!
  • Tesla's is driven by Nvidia's H/W focusing mainly on unsupervised learning.
  • Crowd sources data from all of its vehicles and its drivers-internal & external sensors.

7. NetFlix
  • How does Netflix generates a list of movies similar to your interest?
  • 75% of users selects movies based on Netflix recommendation.

8. Moley 
  • Moley - The Robotic Chef
  • Can replicates dish cooked by any master chef in the world

9.  Google Translate
  • Language is no more a barrier!
  • Free, fast, and providing almost accurate translation.
  • Real-time translation using Camera.

10. KUKA
  • "KUKA is a German manufacture of industrial robots and solutions for factory automation" 

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