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DevOps Principles and DevOps vs. Agile

DevOps Principles :

Here, are six principles which are essential when adopting DevOps :
  • Customer-Centric Action :  DevOps team must take customer-centric action for that they should constantly invest in products and services.
  • End-To-End Responsibility : The DevOps team need to provide performance support until they become end-of-life.
  • Continuous Improvement : DevOps culture focuses on continuous improvement to minimize waste.
  • Automate everything : Automation is a vital principle of DevOps process.
  • Work as one team : In the DevOps culture role of the designer, developer, and tester are already defined.
  • Monitor and test everything : It is very important for DevOps team to have a robust monitoring and testing procedures.

Agile Process :
  • Agile software development methodology focuses on the development of software but DevOps on the other hand is responsible for development as well as deployment of the software in the safest and most reliable way possible.
  • Agile is a set of values and principles about how to produce i.e. develop software.

DevOps vs. Agile Process

  1. Emphasize breaking down barriers between developers and management.
  2. Addresses gap between customer requirements and development teams.
  3. Focuses more on functional and non-functional readiness
  4. Agile development pertains mainly to the way development is thought out by the company.
  1. DevOps is about software deployment and operation teams.
  2. Address the gap between development and operation team.
  3. It focuses operational and business readiness.
  4. DevOps emphases on deploying software in the most reliable and safest ways which aren't necessarily always the fastest.

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