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DevOps Workflow and Tools

Workflow of DevOps  :

Workflow allows the ability to separate and arrange jobs which are top requested by the users.It also gives the ability to mirror their ideal process in the configuration jobs.

Workflows provide a visual overview of the sequence in which input is provided. It also tells about actions are performed, and output is generated for an operations process.

Workflow Phases :

In our opinion, the best ways to accomplish is to get into a DevOps flow that is focused on process and powered by a set of tools :
  1. Phase 1 : Go agile
  2. Phase 2 : Get with Gitflow
  3. Phase 3 : CI/CD
  4. Phase 4 : Harmonize with support

Major DevOps Tools :

Check out the following major DevOps tools which would help you in getting better insights :
  • Git (Open source distributed version control system tool).
  • Docker (A tool to Build, Ship and Run)
  • Puppet (Configuration Management tool that is used for deploying, configuring and managing servers)
  • Ansible (open source IT configuration Management, Deployment & Orchestration tool)

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