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Latest Technology News 30th June

How to share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories

WhatsApp is finally bringing the anticipated feature that will allow users to share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Stories as well

Now available to whatsapp beta users only

Apple will make its new Mac Pro in China, not in the U.S.

Simple automate build using Docker and Gradle for Java Spring Boot project

Crypto Apps See Zero Growth as Bitcoin Price Triples This Year

Google’s Next Subsea Internet Cable to Connect Africa and Europe

Instagram will be introducing ads to its Explore section

SpaceX flights between cities will feel like Disney’s Space Mountain

Binance builds anti-fraud system to stop the flow of illegal money

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have teamed up to denounce the U.S. government's proposed tariffs on Chinese imports

Microsoft is about to shut off its ebook DRM servers: “The books will stop working”

Tesla rival Nio is recalling around 4,800 vehicles after 3 caught fire

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