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Latest Technology News 26th June

Apple Releases First Public Beta of macOS Catalina to Public Beta Testers.

Galaxy S10 5G sales have exceeded 1 million units in South Korea.

Latest Apple ads carry message of caring for consumers and the planet.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation unveils the Raspberry Pi 4.

Microsoft bans employees from using Slack.

Nissan turns its electric van into a zero-emission ice cream truck.

Bill Gates says losing mobile war to Android was ‘the greatest mistake ever’.

Global phone networks attacked by hackers.

New Mac Malware Sails Right Through Apple’s Defenses.

Tesla orders surge for record quarter, but deliveries are the bottleneck.

Apple Watch ECG app credited with saving UK customer just one week after launch.

Steam and Ubuntu clash over 32-bit libs.

Machine learning helps Microsoft’s AI realistically colorize video from a single image.

Apple Patents Watch Band with Built-In Camera.


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