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Virtual Reality (VR) Software

It would be ideal to program the VR system by providing high level descriptions and having the software determine the low level details automatically (VR engine).

As application of Vr broaden, specialized VR engines are likely to emerge. This may involve a software developing kit (SDK) for particular that handles lowest level operations such as devices drivers, head tracking and display output.

Virtual world : real vs. synthetic 
  • Virtual world could be completely synthetic where numerous triangles are defined in a 3D space, along with material that indicate how they interact with light, sound and, forces. Computer graphics addresses images from synthetic models.
  • Virtual world might be a recorded physical world that was captured using modern cameras, computer vision, and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) techniques.
Matched motion
  • Most basic operation of the VWG is to maintain a correspondence between user motions in the real world and the virtual world. In the real world, user's motion are confined to a safer region which is called the matched zone. One of the greatest in the virtual world is mismatch of obstacles.
User locomotion
  • In many VR experiences, users want to move well outside of the matched zone. This motivates locomotion, which  means movement in virtual world but this motion is not matched in the real world.
  • The VWG handles the geometric aspects of motion by applying the appropriate mathematical transformations. VWG usually implements some physics so that as the time progresses, the virtual world behaves like the real world.
  • One important aspect is application of collision detection algorithm which determines whether two or more bodies are intersecting in the virtual world.
Networked experiences 
  • In the case of a networked VR experience, a shared virtual world is maintained by a server.
  • Each user has a distinct matched zone. Their matched zones might overlap in the real world, but one must be careful so that they avoid unwanted collisions.
Developer choices for VWGs
  • A developer could start with a basic SDK from a VR headset and build their own VWG from scratch. Developer must build the physics of the virtual world from scratch i.e. avatar movement, collision detection, lighting models and audio.
  • In other situation, a developer may use a ready made VWG that is customized to make a particular VR experience. Example : Open simulator, Vizard, Unit 3D, Unreal engine

 State of the art studies of VR/AR technologies

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