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  • Why do we need SECOPS ?
  • What is Secops ?
  • Benefits of implementing secops
  • Goals of Secops
  • Secops Tools
  • What does a Secops center do ?
  • Key Roles on a Secops team
  • Secops in the cloud
  • How does secops work in service now

Why do we need SECOPS ? 

  • Shortage of talent in system security
  • Security is not a priority
  • Innovation has outpaced security

What is Secops ?

 SecOps is a methodology that IT managers implement to enhance the connection, collaboration and communication between IT security and IT operation working teams.

 Benefits of implements  Secops 

  • Information and Communication are Integrated
  • Priorities Unite
  • Tools and Technology amalgamate
  • IT operations can be Streamlined
  • Security is Proactive

 Goal of Secops

To ensure that organizations do not compromise the security of an application as they strive to meet

  1. Development Timelines
  2. Application Uptime
  3. Performance Requirements

Secops Tools

1. Alerting Tools

  • FourOneOne
  • alerta
  • ElastAlert

2. Automation Tools

  • StackStorm

3. Visualization 

  • GP Gephi

4. Threat Intelligence

  • criticalstack // Intel Feed
  • OpenTPX

5. Testing Tools


What does a Secops Center do ?

KeyRoles in a Secops Team

  1. Incident Responder
  2. Security Investigator
  3. Advanced Security Analyst
  4. SOC Manager
  5. Security Engineer/Architect

 Secops in the Cloud

  • Execute
  • Establish
  • Build
  • Remove
  • Extend
  • Replace

 How does secops work in servicenow

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