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What is ITOps ?

IT operations refers to the set of processes and services that are administered by an IT department within a larger organization or business.

 IT operations is one of the four defined functions in the ITIL best practices framework for IT service management, along with technical management, application management and the service desk. 

As a discretely identified function of the IT organization, IT Operations often function as a distinct working group within the IT department. An IT Operations team consists of a group of IT operators led by an IT operations manager.

What does ITOps do ?

  • Mitigate Disasters
  • Evolve Infrastructure govern IT Opertaion
  • Manage Infrastructure and Configurations
  • Run Solutions

ITOPs Processes 

  1. Infrastructure Management
  2. Development Management 
  3. Problem Management
  4. Security Management

 As mentioned, the IT operations team is more focused on maintaining a broader range of functions in an organization’s IT environment.

In the scenario described above, once the development team passed the application over to the ITOps side, the team there would put the software through its paces, checking to see how well it fit and performed in that given environment.

The problem is that many issues ITOps might discover at this point—likely months into the process—could have been easily remedied much earlier…or even avoided altogether. This hypothetical situation could have seen hundreds of development hours sunk into a feature that’s incompatible or no longer needed by the business.

“DevOps” is the bridging of these two teams for faster, more cost-effective software development. Metaphorically, you can think of it as the right hand knowing what the left is doing and working in harmonious tandem when developing applications. At least, that’s the plan.

ITOps best Practices :

1. Pick one or two pain points with value

2. Foster IT automation skills within your team

3. Encourage communication between IT team and business people.

4. Develop key performance indicators and measure results.

 ITOps vs. DevOps: What’s the difference?

While IT operations remain in the adjacent software wheelhouse, DevOps—capturing both software development mixed with IT operations—refers to embracing efficient workflows in the often-long process of writing and updating application code in hopes of accelerating this lifecycle.

The difference between the two lies in breaking down previous departmental silos.

A non-DevOps process from years ago might see the software development team build out their code until it’s “done.” Nothing is ever truly finished in the IT world, however. Applications need to be continually tested for compatibility, bugs, usability, and more.

The IT Ops team would then take the baton from software development to see how well new applications performed in an environment. This required another (often lengthy) process.


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