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Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots

2.5 billion - that’s the amount of customer service hours businesses will save by 2023 by adopting chatbots. This statistic has been derived from Juniper Research. A chatbot is a program that can mimic human conversation with the aid of rules and artificial intelligence. Chatbots have become quite popular in the past few years as businesses have found innovative ways to utilize them.

Exciting Applications of Chatbots in Business Across Various Industries

  1. Content delivery

Media publishers have started to realize the growing role of AI chatbots in engaging with their target audience and monitoring engagement to gain invaluable insights on reader interests. Here’s an example of a person adding emojis, answering, chatting with the CNN and Wall Street Journal chatbots on Facebook Messenger, and receiving the latest news directly in Messenger without visiting their websites.

2. Ordering food

Reputed fast-food giants like KFC and Pizza Hut have already made a considerable investment in AI chatbots that allow customers to place orders through conversations. Taco Bell went a step further to enhance the conversational experience by naming their chatbot TacoBot. TacoBot is known for cracking jokes, employing emojis, answering trivia questions, and even adding a cup of water to an order if the customer mentions being hungover.

3. Book flight

Even airlines are utilizing AI chatbots in their business operations. A prime example of that is Icelandair’s chatbot that enables customers to search for and book flights in a text-based conversational manner. Instead of the drop-down menus, customers need to enter the information themselves. These features allow the customers to control how their flight is booked, and it also keeps the entire conversation in a single thread. This way, the purchase information can be reviewed and called up with ease.

Benefits of Using AI Chatbots in Business

  • Can be used for specialized tasks

Tasks like hiring a cab, ordering a food parcel, or even checking the weather can be quickly done with the aid of AI chatbots. In the same way, businesses can employ AI chatbots for inventory management and purchasing orders.

  • Offer better services on mobile devices

There is no semblance of doubt that the future of browsing is mobile. The number of mobile users has increased considerably in comparison to PC users. Utilizing chatbots in mobile apps helps in the creation of more streamlined user interfaces. It allows users to evaluate, browse, purchase, and even get support from a single interface.

  • Scale up your operations

Human beings always have limitations as an agent can engage with a maximum of three customers at a time. On the other hand, AI-based chatbots have no such limitations. By including chatbots in your workforce, you can interact with more users, which helps you increase your customer base and enter new markets.

  • Divert human resource to more critical tasks

By deploying AI-based chatbots, you can divert your human resources to more critical tasks. Bots enable human agents to handle customer queries only if they are complex by nature.

  • Aid customers in making the right choice

If you are selling goods and services that are almost substitutes for each other or are selling higher-end goods or gadgets, chatbots can come in handy in such scenarios. Customers find it hard to select the best choice. Here, chatbots can effortlessly guide the customer and help them get the right product or service.

  • Enhanced personalization

Chatbots help you categorize your audience and provide a customized experience to them. Chatbots can recommend products to you on the basis of your purchase history. This is especially helpful when the product is something that the customer needs to purchase repeatedly, like pet food or kitchen towels.

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