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The languages used in creating an AI

Artificial Intelligence is the branch of science that develops computer programs and machines having intelligence equal to or even higher than human intellect. Some examples of AI that we encounter daily are - customized ads, voice-to-text conversion, computerized chat-box, Alexa, etc. These AI tools are the creation of programming languages such as –

  1. Python- It is the most popular computer language among web developers. It has a simple syntax with English keywords compared to others that use punctuation. The libraries are extensive and portable across all operating systems like Windows, UNIX, etc. Its properties like automated garbage collection, multilayered checking, and integration with other languages like JAVA, Cobra, C++, make it the best suit for AI.
  2. MATLAB expands as Matrix Laboratory. It is a multi-paradigm programming language developed by Mathworks. It has inbuilt graphic imaging modules to process any data into 2D and 3D forms of images. Also, it can access data from any source; image files, audio clips, or real-time data from JDBC, etc. It provides a Graphical user interface(GUI) for exporting and importing files and has tools for debugging. It can run all types of functions and data and is applicable for image and audio processing, machine learning, and signal transduction.
  3. JAVA- A write-once, run anywhere language. It is object-oriented, scalable, and easy to debug. Its Virtual machine technology aids developers to create a single version of the software that is supportable in all Java systems. The large AI libraries for NLP, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, and Automatic programming make it suitable for AI development. It also has installed Swing and Standard Widget Toolkit to create sophisticated graphics.

The above list is never-ending as programmers are experimenting with the available language to create new AI tools. However, mentioned above are the common ones.

I first learned about Artificial Intelligence in the 1980s from Dmitris Chorafas who used to program COBOL for IBM.

That said, as Artificial Intelligence requires voluminous code and needs to be processed fast, the preferred language would be something as close to machine language or assembler. “C” is more versatile and is popular as it is more widely available.

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