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The Need for Artificial Intelligence (AI) | What is Artificial Intelligence | 7 Types of Artificial Intelligence

What Is The Need for Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

  •     What is Artificial Intelligence?
  •     Understanding 7 Types of Artificial Intelligence
  •     Impact of Artificial Intelligence
  •     Influence of AI in our daily lives
  •     Conclusion

The machines with human-like intelligence are influencing at the same time helping our lives at every stage


Which is why it has become important to understand more about Artificial Intelligence & why do we need AI in our lives? In this blog, we will discuss it in detail.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has already started playing a major role in our lives. Today, more than before, it has become easy to spot the portions of our modern life where artificial intelligence has penetrated.


Understanding the role of AI in our lives can throw light on its need in society, businesses, and regular day-to-day life. Human efficiency, activity, and capabilities are highly improvised and augmented when coupled with intelligent machines. 


Earth has already witnessed three industrial revolutions. The fourth one is presumed to be driven by artificial intelligence and its capabilities.


It is likely to change our concept of what being a human feels like. The fourth AI-driven Industrial revolution will bring an impact that no other revolution has brought to date.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Before we answer the question of why do we need ai in our lives, we must understand what it means. 


When machines mimic humans intelligence and can make their own decisions, think, and learn, then they are said to be artificially intelligent.


Machines are programmed about what to think. But in the case of machine learning, machines are made to analyze, read data, observe and learn from their mistakes. 


Artificial Intelligence is probably the most complex of creation of humanity. This is disregarding the fact that the field itself is largely unexplored. 


It has already left its mark on several Industries like manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare, e-commerce industries where businesses think they have fully utilized the potential that AI carries. But in reality, is it still the tip of the iceberg.


The huge amount of data that we generate every day digitally has further helped with the rapid growth of artificial intelligence. Making the machine faster and more efficient for businesses and consumers alike. These intelligent machines not only try to mimic human-like thinking but over time learns to do new operations as well. 


Understanding 7 Types of Artificial Intelligence

5 Types of Artificial Intelligence That Bring Value to Business

Artificial Intelligence or AI can be broadly classified into seven types.

  1. Reactive Machines
  2. Limited Memory
  3. Theory of Mind
  4. Self Aware
  5. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)
  6. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  7. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

All the virtual assistants or computer systems that we use today are gifts of Narrow AI (or ANI). These are systems that have not been pre-programmed but are taught to perform some specific operations.


There are plenty of language and speech recognition systems such as Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, Recommendation Bots, along with smart vision systems on automatic cars. These are all applications of Narrow AI. Such systems can only learn how to execute a specific task and nothing more than that. 


We recommend reading this blog by Forbes which throws more light on the various types of Artificial Intelligence


Impact of Artificial Intelligence

In today’s world, AI has a wide variety of applications which is why do we need AI in our daily lives rigorously


  • Certain types of AI can detect how much wear and tear an elevator has gone through by the data it receives from IoT devices
  • Tumors are spotted by radiologists in X-Rays with the help of ai
  • Inappropriate content flagging online is done by ai networks.
  • It can use the satellite image and generate a three-dimensional world for us.
  • People do not need to sit for hours at a customer service center. AI is helping answer customer service calls 24/7 or chat with customers via a Chatbot
  • It helps in organizing business or personalized calendars automatically.
  • It helps in video interpretation & visual recognition from videos received by drones.
  • Many Industrial inspections such as maintaining oil pipelines or farming lands are done visually using AI.
  • AI systems can coordinate with other systems to do a particular job such as booking hotels or tickets at a particular time and location.

Newer applications are evolving and emerging every day in the market. 


Video calls generally need a good internet connection. But AI has reached such an extent that people can conduct video calls even without a great internet connection. The system animates some of the static visuals of the caller and transmits it over the internet instead of transmitting the entire video. It reduces the bandwidth by 10 factors. Again, it reproduces the images in such a way to generate the caller’s movements and expression. In a way, it becomes impossible to distinguish it from the original video.

  • Computer vision,
  • Speech Recognition,
  • Face identification, Virtual assistants,
  • AI-powered Chatbots

are some of the reasons why do we need ai. Without these facilities, life is unimaginable today.

Influence of AI in our daily lives

People back in the 1960s could not have imagined how our lives would be transformed with the advent of Artificial Intelligence. 


Talking to an AI-powered assistant like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant on your smartphone to get things done, who could have thought about it? 


Nowadays it’s a given to have an assistant on all smartphone devices. Taking notes, asking for ingredients in that recipe to cook, or controlling your house with a few verbal commands. It’s just become so convenient.


Another way that Social Media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn implement AI’s machine learning technique to deliver an engaging and personalized experience every day to billions of users. 


Today, every website that we visit online is powered by AI in some way. 


Every Industrial sector from Media, Financial, Educational, Legal, Manufacturing, and more is trying to use artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency. 


AI can detect frauds as well as use natural language processing or NLP to review law applications, breaches, and write new stories. The extension of AI is huge.


Influence of AI in Businesses

Artificial Intelligence is providing a competitive edge to every business. It is making the manufacturing processes cost-effective that requires lesser time. Business innovators are seeing a new challenging prospect to increase the capabilities and efficiency of their businesses. 


AI can help to provide one of the best interactive customer care services, take the best marketing initiatives and decisions for your business and improvise working operations. All of it is the result of analyzing the huge amount of data that it collects from the Internet Of Things devices and sensors.


It is not only helping large industries but also small scale businesses to increase their productivity by optimizing supply chains globally and managing all delivery routes. 


Artificial Intelligence’s impact is vast as it affects every stage of a business starting from procurement, manufacturing, accounting, sales, and customer relations. Age-old Companies are using AI to deliver the best product, at a better rate and time to the consumers.


Influence of AI in Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence is improving our lifestyles. But researchers are seeking prospects where AI can save lives. Research is being conducted on how AI can be advantageous to the healthcare system by various technical associations. 


With the best diagnosing instruments, formulating specific drug schedules to having robots assisting in surgery, AI is changing the face of healthcare. The care and medication system provided by the hospitals is witnessing a huge transformation. Online fitness applications, calorie counter, blood pressure or diabetes checker, e-commerce medicine applications, and online check-ups are a result of the changing period.


AI is also helping to solve some pressing environmental issues such as global warming. From providing smart solutions and infrastructure to use our natural resources efficiently to providing smart irrigation and agriculture alternatives, AI is mitigating human efforts. With the growing population, we need to solve the global issues of food, security, surveillance, safety, water, and global warming effectively.


Influence of AI in Entertainment Industry

AI is also influencing the entertainment industry. It is helping to compose original music from compositions given in the book and develop cooking recipes from those which are in cupboards. AI is also helping to create exceptional artworks. 


Applications like Spotify and Netflix are completely AI-driven. Whenever we are looking for new songs or web series, the applications constantly streamline content according to your choice and preferences.


All machine learning models can be trained using GPU arrays available in the various cloud services like the Google Cloud Platform, AWS or Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. These cloud services are making it easier by providing a platform to create AI models. 


One of the biggest tech giants Facebook uses AI for their spam detection, search optimization, recommendations, and more. 


Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana are all gifts of AI that perform a variety of tasks for consumers. Firms like Baidu and Alibaba are investing huge amounts into AI.


It is because AI is the future and the backbone of so many futuristic initiatives like

  • Robots for surgery and delivery,
  • Self-driving cars
  • Face recognition,
  • Speech recognition, and
  • Even (govt.) surveillance

Artificial intelligence is here to provide humans with a better and efficient way to live. Some skeptics might fear the rapid growth of this technology as is the case with most technology disruptions but it cannot outweigh the benefits it carries.

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