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Is AI dangerous ?

What is a Sentient AI ?
Sentience = self- awareness
Human-level intelligence

The Plausibility of Sentient AI

- Moore's Law: exponential growth!

- The Blue Brain Project
      * It could be possible to model a complete human brain within ten years-on a single machine, no less.
- Ray Kurzweil:
       * "....we will have both the hardware and the software to achieve human level artificial intelligence with the board suppleness of human intelligence including our emotional intelligence by 2029"

The Controversy

- Should humans strive to build sentient AI ?
      What are the risks? Benefits?
       Is it ethical or morally responsible?
      What rights should artificial beings have?
      Would there be any place for us?

Sentient Artificial Intelligence could be dangerous
I, Robot
  Thinking for one's self
  Turn skills against humans
  Stephen Hawking:
     - "in contrast with our intellect, computers double their performance 18 months.... the danger is real that they could develop intelligence and take over the world"

Sentient Artificial Intelligence would take jobs away from humans

Around the neighborhood
  - "in the home, by the end of 2003, about 610,000 autonomous vacuum cleaners and lawn-mowers were in operation" ( United Nations )

  - "computers[are] better able to distinguish signs of Alzheimer's than humans, and [prove] cheaper, faster and more accurate than current method" (so "PC beats doctor in scan tests")
Car industry

Ethical Dilemma

Robot Rights
   - If machines have the potential to exhibit complex behaviors such as altruism, language, and self-reproduction, "questions of 'machine rights' and 'robot liberation' will surely arise in the future"
( Robert A. Freitas )

Blown out of proportion

Movies such as I, Robot, Terminator, an The Matrix
   - Take negative ideas and make them prominent.
   - Give society a negative idea of sentience and AI.
   - These movies are not an accurate idea of the potential uses of sentience.
Benefits of Sentient AI
   - Benefits of AI be more important than the very small possibility of these movies becoming a reality.

Job loss isn't a bad thing

- Take those jobs away!
      Dangerous occupations
      Depths of space
            - One-way Missions
      Biological limitations
      Purely repetitive tasks
- Increase Efficiency

Creation- A bribe!

- Still just a robot
- Overall benefits to makind
    - Utilitarianism View
- Exploration into the unknown

A Life of Luxury

Smart Cars
    Park itself
Think QRIO

Conclusion / Compromise

Some level of artificial intelligence is capable of benefiting society
AI should be specialized in a specific task so as to not become like humans
If these requirements are met, AI should be allowed to be developed more

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