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Data and Statistics in Data Science

Statistics is the science of learning from Data.

Data is essentially numbers (or text/symbols) which represent some information.

It helps to think of data as 'value' of quantitative and qualitative variables

What are the variable types :
  Numerical or Quantitative: (Continuous and Discrete)
  Categorical or Qualitative: (Always discrete)
      - Normal
      - Ordinal

Descriptive Statistics

Quantitatively describing the data
  - Graphical representation
  - Tabular representation
  - Summary statistics

Descriptive versus Inferential. The use of sample and Population

Single and Multiple variable
  Distributions and Relationships

Graphical Representation : Single Variable

For Categorical Variables :-

For Quantitative Variables :-

Graphical Representation : Multiple Variables

Scatter Plots: Two quantitative variables
Box plots - One categorical with one quantitative variable
Contingency tables - categorical variables with frequency of occurrence as the theme.

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