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Introduction of Data Analyst | What is Data analyst ? |

A Data Analyst is a person who collect organizes and analyzes data. S/he is also involved in finding, editing and analyzing data, creating database and writing reports with conclusions.

There are various technique of data analysis, which a data analyst must understand in order to perform efficiently.

What does a Data Analyst do?

A Data Analyst is one who collects, organizes and analyzes large amount of data, coordinates with others to develop and maintain databases and data system necessary for projects. 

Acquires and extracts primary or secondary data from existing internal or external data sources

Analyzes reports of data duplicates or other errors.Develops graphs, reports, and presentations of project results.

Performance basic statistical analysis for projects and reports.

Workplace and Hierarchy

A Data Analyst would work in a team of Database Administrator, Database Developer, System Administrator, and Software Developer. S/he may work in educational institutes, IT industries and corporate sectors.

Data Analyst is an integral member of the Database Team. S/he is a key contributor on assigned projects, working proactively and independently.


A Data Analyst should be proficient in Spreadsheet  application.

S/he should know how to perform calculations using the contents of multiple cells, and be familiar with Excel formulas and S/he should be able to present complex information in an understandable and compelling manner.

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