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PEAS in Artificial Intelligence

Use PEAS to describe task environment
 - Performance measure
 - Environment
 - Actuators
 - Sensors

Example: Taxi driver
 - Performance measure: safe, fast, comfortable (maximize profits)
 - Environment: road, other traffic, pedestrians, customers
 - Actuators: steering, accelerator, brake, single, horn
 - Sensors: cameras, sonar, speedometer, GPS, odometer, accelerometer, engine sensors.

Agent: Part-picking robot
Performance measure: Percentage of parts in correct bins
Environment: Conveyor belt with parts, bins
Actuators: Jointed arm and hand
Sensors: Camera, joint angle sensors

Agent: Medical diagnosis system
Performance measure: Healthy patient, minimize costs, lawsuits
Environment: patient, hospital, staff
Actuators: Screen display (question, tests, diagnoses, treatment, referrals)
Sensors: Keywords (entry of symptoms, finding, patient's, answer)

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