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Software Testing and Automation Specialization

What you'll learn

Distinguish between verification and validation describing the key differences between them.

Write automated functional tests for both front-end and back-end code

Measure the fault-finding effectiveness of a functional test suite using mutation testing.

Defend program correctness through the use of formal methods, specifically proof obligations and model checking.

Specialization - 4 course series

This Specialization is intented for beginning to intermediate software developers seeking to develop knowledge and skill in implementing testing techniques and tools in the development of their projects. Through four courses, you will cover black-box and white-box testing, automated testing, web & mobile testing, and formal testing theory and techniques, which will prepare to you to plan and perform effective testing of your software.

Applied Learning Project

Learners will build test plans, test suites, and test analysis reports. Learners will develop properties and assertions in code to facilitate automated test generation. Learners will also create pre-conditions for methods to facilitate formal proofs of correctness.

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