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The money in Augmented Reality(AR) | Augmented reality(AR)

The potential of Augmented Reality to revolutionize sales strategies is huge - and that's one example of where the money are. Augmented Reality (AR) lets businesses engage existing and prospective customers without the need for special headsets.

Boosting Your Sales with Augmented Reality

Thanks to the Pokemon Go game, the general public now is already well-known with the concept of overlaying their real-world surroundings with digital images. By taking that concept or a similar one, to the next level, your businesses in a array of sectors can capitalize on a familiarity with Augmented Reality to up the sales strategies.

Here are some ways Augmented Reality can be used to drive sales off the chart:

  • Online retailers can use Augmented Reality product catalogs in order to overcome the disadvantage of not having a retail store or showroom
  • Brick-and-mortar retailers can display specials to customers (shoppers) as they scan store aisles with their phones
  • Architects, contractors, and designers as well can let clients preview choices of designs within the customer’s surrounding before a design is decided upon
  • Sales teams can display company products and goods using highly interactive presentations at the customer’s location
  • AR product models can be presented to potential customers through regular social media channels or emails, using basic mobile apps

Why AR is Useful?

  • It creates an interactive experience
  • Helps to engage the customer
  • AR developers can create apps that will enable the consumers to build their own customized products
  • It can be used as an extension within new or existing technologies to add a new dimension to interactivity
  • AR helps you to get more virality, this by improving the content quality experience
  • AR is playing a huge role in real estate, and also in training and after sale solutions

Knowing which technology to operate is key to making your Augmented Reality application convenient for your customers. Convenience is key to encouraging customers in order to make a purchase.

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