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What is "disruptive technology"? | Disruptive Technology: Definition and Examples

Disruptive Technology is technology that disrupts the way people currently do things. Facebook can be considered disruptive because it changed the way we interact with people, and find out news about people. How often do you find yourself meeting someone in person and starting a conversation with "So facebook tells me you just got ______", or "I saw you just came back from vacation!" Etc...


Twitter was/is disruptive because all of a sudden it is much easier to interact with people and let them know what you're doing. It turns out that it's so easy that even celebrities are using it to reach out to their fans, where previously this would be done through PR campaigns.

The iPad may end up being a disruptive technology because it may change the way many people view computers (my parents, for example, are much better suited for an iPad than a full fledged desktop/laptop, as all they really do is browse the web and send emails)

In terms of success and failure as a company...
Generally, if the technology is disruptive enough there shouldn't be much trouble monetizing it in some ways, and so the company should be able to succeed. Nevertheless, a disruptive technology in itself does not guarantee success. It's possible to have a disruptive technology mismanaged in execution, allowing new players to take over the incumbent. 

 Disruptive Technology - Overview, Examples, Success Factors

Example of Disruptive Technology

Google Innovation or Technologies and its Effects on the Market

Google is number one in the field of destructive technologies in the market, as the company try every area such as email services, search engine, mobile technologies, translator etc.


Google Gmail change the email world totally, that is now most common form of email using in the business world. As Gmail provide threaded conversations, unlimited storage, we can attach up-to 25mb files in Gmail easily whereas, other email services like yahoo, outlook etc. not allowing the same that allow Gmail to disrupt the demand of these email services for user who want to send large size mails.

Gmail also have very easy and effective search and build in instant messaging that makes it user friendly. Its compatibility and professional look attract most company to switch from Lotus Notes mailing or outlook server to Gmail email system. Moreover, Gmail is providing

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