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Darktrace AI | How does Darktrace AI work ? |

Darktrace's Antigena product takes this a step further, releasing 'antigens' in the same way the immune system in a living organism does to slow and repel the attack.

The organization has also added specialized products focused specifically on cloud, primary defence (such as security information and event management, or SIEM), virtualization environments and industrial control systems.

In short, Darktrace is a company focused solely on the enterprise, with apparently no intention of heading into the consumer space.

DarkTrace is an innovative cybersecurity firm that was created to satisfy the need for a better, more reliable and more actionable cybersecurity service in 2013. Founded by government cyber intelligence officials, experts in the field, and mathematicians, DarkTrace focused on building a comprehensive software suite that applied the principles and capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to cybersecurity.

Today. the fundamental constraints on most businesses cyber security measures are:

  • The need to gather, normalize, and effectively disseminate information (in signature-type information) about all previous attack methods.
  •  Little capability to quickly hand-craft security policies for different groups in the enterprise, or for the individual business, and the ability to enforce compliance with the security policies.
  •  An inability to predict what the attacker’s next move might be (tomorrow’s zero-day).



DarkTrace is much more than a simple software vendor. As a company, it created unique, innovative solutions to help organizations achieve stronger cybersecurity and prevent the spread of threats by leveraging the following key elements that form a strong cyber AI:

Enterprise Immune System

The Enterprise Immune System

is the catch-all name given to the full scale and power of the cyber AI platform, unifying real-time threat detection, visualization of activities and interventions, investigation capabilities, machine learning, and self-optimizing controls.

Dark Trace Autonomous Response

The DarkTrace Autonomous Response leverages the full Enterprise Immune System across the network through DarkTrace Antigena

. The autonomous response functions by calculating the best action to take at the time to both mitigate the “infection” and prevent its distribution through the network. Meanwhile, cloud-security measures

and a complete lineup of threat landscape deployments further optimize security and provide real-time monitoring and intervention when something goes awry.

Cyber AI Analyst

The cyber AI analyst combines the experiences of human analysts with AI to promote faster and larger responses. In a sense, it derives from machine learning, built on the data from thousands of deployments. By understanding how people investigate data incidents, the system grows more adaptive, capable of giving users access to the most relevant and needed data upon accessing the system.

Threat Visualization

Threat visualization is another aspect of the cyber AI platform. It includes an interactive, intuitive graphic interface that turns the idea of computer-server connections into a color-coded source for investigating and understanding past incidents, current, real-time threats, active deployments, and other network activity.


What does Darktrace make?

Fundamentally, Darktrace is a cyber security vendor. What sets it apart, however, is its innovative use of AI or, more specifically, machine learning.

At the core of all its products is Darktrace's Enterprise Immune System, an unsupervised machine learning technology and probabilistic mathematics. What this means in practice is that the software learns from the experience of analysing vast amounts of data by itself, without human intervention, and can adapt to a business's changing needs. It can also use probabilistic mathematics to determine how likely an attack is.

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