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Interesting Machine Learning Project Ideas For Beginners

Machine Learning Projects Ideas

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Complement each other.

1. Stock Prices Predictor

With so much data available on the stock market, It is a hotbed of opportunities for data scientists with an inclination for finance.

2. Sports Predictor :

You could also opt for enhancing team management by analyzing the strengths and Weaknesses of the players in a team and classify them accordingly.

3. Develop a Sentiment Analyzer :

Create an Machine Learning System the sentiment behind texts and posts on social media to understand what customers are saying about your brand.

4. Enhance Healthcare :

You can work Diagnostic care systems that can automatically scan images, X-rays, etc., preventative care applications that can predict malaria , cancer , etc.

5. Develop A Neural Network That Reads Handwriting :

Deep Learning and Neural Network have given us technological marvels like driverless cars, image recognition , and so on.

Now go ahead and put to test al the knowledge that you've gathered to build your very own machine learning project!

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