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Kubernetes Multiport services in DevOps

Services : Multiple Port Services

When using ports must give all of your ports names, so that endpoints can I disambiguated.

For example :

Kind : Service
  apiVersion : v1
   name : my-service
      app : MyApp
 Ports :
   - name : http
     protocol : TCP
     port : 80
     targetPort : 9376
 - name: https
   protocol: TCP
   port : 443
  targetPort : 9377

Choosing your own IP address :

You can specify your own cluster IP address as part of a service creation request.

To do this, set the .spec.clusterIP field.

Discovering services :

Kubernetes supports 2 primary modes of finding a service -
Environment variables

Headless service:
Sometimes you don't need or want load-balancing and a single service IP. In this case, you can create "headless" services by specifying "None" for the cluster IP (.spec.clusterIP).

Publishing services - service types :

For some parts of your application (e.g. frontends) you may want to expose Service onto external (outside of your cluster) IP address.

Type values and their behaviors are :

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