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Kubernetes Networks-Working in DevOps

Kubernetes Networking :

A powerful platform and many intelligent design choices together make Kubernetes.

To discuss working of Kubernetes networking we need to discuss the first part which includes containers and pods, second part includes service examination and the extraction layers and the third part includes ingress and accumulating traffic to the pods from outside the cluster.

Time For The Pods :

A pod is the unit of a Kubernetes application.
It consists of one or more containers.

Typical situation where we start a Docker container on the local machine :

The Working Of A Pod Networking

How does a simple cluster , with two nodes look like ?

In the above image , the private network address is 10. 100.0.0/24.

With respect to this network address , the router address is

The two instance addresses are and respectively.

Simple Cluster with two nodes :

If you look at the image , the host on the left has has an interface eth0.

The address is and its default gateway router is located at

Docker0 is connected to the same interface via a bridge.

The address is, and connected to that is interface veth0 with address

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