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Description Logic in AI ( Assignment )

What do you recall about the description language
discussed in this course?

What can you say about Description Logics?

Mark the properties of
knowledge base.

It is always consistent because

It is a collection of

knowledge base has an interpretation domain, what is true about that domain?

It forms the nonlogical part of

It forms the logical part of

Choose the correct statements about

What can you say about a taxonomy in a
knowledge base?

[EXISTS 4 :OwnsCar] is a concept.

[ALL :Friend Rich] is a concept.

[FILLS :EnrolledIn krr] is a concept.

Given a KB and two normalized concepts d and e of length n and m respectively, what can you say about "
" subsumption test?

Which of the following are true about “B

Which of the following statements are true about “B

Given the KB = {c → A, c → B, c → D}, where c is a constant and A, B, D are concepts, pick the correct statements:

There are no roles and all subsumptions are as in figure 1, now, tell us about KB14.

The individual k can be FULLY described in

The individuals i, j, m, n, and o can be FULLY described in

Which of these statements (English and
) are entailed by KB14?

The most specific subsumers of [AND Dean Author] are:

The most general subsumee of BridgePlayer is:

The most specific
concept and the node that describe “k” is:

Which of these statements describe the edge between node 5 and 2 in the taxonomy?

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