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Basic of IoT Networking ( Part - 1 )

Convergence of Domains

IoT Components

Functional Components of IoT
  • Component for interaction and communication with other IoT devices
  • Component for processing and analysis of operations
  • Component for Internet interaction
  • Component for handling Web services of applications
  • Component to integrate application services
  • User interface to access IoT

IoT Interdependencies

IoT Service Oriented Architecture

IoT Categories

Industrial IoT
  • IoT device connects to an IP network and the global Internet.
  • Communication between the nodes done using regular as well as industry specific technologies.
Consumer IoT
  • IoT device communicates within the locally networked devices.
  • Local communication is done mainly via Bluetooth, Zigbee or WiFi.
  • Generally limited to local communication by a Gateway.

IoT Gateways

IoT and Associated Technologies

Technical Deviations from Regular Web

IoT Challenges
  •  Security
  • Scalability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Bandwidth management
  • Modeling and Analysis
  • Interfacing
  • Interoperability
  • Data storage
  • Data Analytics
  • Complexity management (e.g., SDN)
  • Communication between the IoT devices(s) and the outside world dictates the network architecture.
  • Choice of communication technology dictates the IoT devices hardware requirements and costs.
  • Due to the presence of numerous applications of IoT enabled devices, a single networking paradigm not sufficient to address all the needs of the consumer or the IoT device.
Complexity of Networks
  • Growth of networks
  • Interference among devices
  • Network management
  • Heterogeneity in networks
  • Protocol standardization within networks

Wireless Networks
  • Traffic and load management
  • Variations in wireless networks - Wireless Body Area 
  • Networks and other Personal Area Networks
  • Interoperability
  • Network management
  • Overlay networks

  • Flexibility within Internet
  • IoT integration
  • Large deployment
  • Real-time connectivity of billions of devices

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