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XMPP IoT Protocol


XMPP stand for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol.

A communication protocol for message-oriented middleware based on XML (Extensible Markup Language).

Real-time exchange of structured data.

It is an open standard protocol.

XMPP uses a client-server architecture.

As the model is decentralized, no central server is required.

XMPP provides dor the the discovery of services residing locally or across a network, and the availability information of these services.

Well-suited for cloud computing where virtual machines, networks, and firewalls would otherwise present obstacles to alternative service discovery and presence-based solutions.

Open means to support machine-to-machine or peer-to-peer communications across a diverse set of networks. 

  • Decentralization - No central server; anyone can run their own XMPP server.
  • Open standards - No royalties or granted permissions are required to implement these specifications
  • Security - Authentication, encryption, etc.
  • Flexibility - Supports interoperability.

Core XMPP Technologies

  • Does not support Qos.
  • Text based communications induces higher network overheads.
  • Binary data must be first encoded to base64 before transmission.

  • Publish-subscribe systems
  • Signaling for VoIP
  • Video
  • File transfer
  • Gaming
  • Internet of Things applications

                        Smart grid
                Social networking services

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