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Latest Technology News 13th May

Crypto pioneer David Chaum releases iOS and Android app for early access to Elixxir

Germany tests its first ‘electric highway’ for trucks

Apple iOS 13 Shock Release News Delivers iPhone Update Warning

Samsung Confirms Galaxy Fold Cancellation

Google reminds everyone that today is Mother’s Day w/ Doodle in Pixel Launcher

Tata Sky has brought the Hindi Basic, Hindi Basic HD, Gujarati Hindi Basic, Gujarati Hindi Basic HD, Marathi Hindi Basic, Marathi Hindi Basic HD semi-annual packs.

Bitcoin hovered above $7,000 on Monday, close to nine-month highs, as the biggest cryptocurrency's 2019 rally gathered steam.

PUBG Mobile Replacement in China, Game for Peace, Rakes in $14 Million in 72 Hours

Sensor Tower said on Friday that China's App Store users had spent more than $14 million on "Game for Peace" through in-app purchases.

Mortal Kombat 11 outsells Days Gone in digital sales on the PS4 network.

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