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Beginning AI Bot Frameworks Getting Started with Bot Development

Want to build your first AI bot but don't know where to start? This book provides a comprehensive look at all the major bot frameworks available. You'll learn the basics for each framework in one place and get a clear picture for which one is best for your needs.

Beginning AI Bot Frameworks starts with an overview of bot development and then looks at Google and functions, IBM Watson, AWS bots with Lambda, FlockOS and TensorFlow. Additionally, it touches on Deep Learning and how bot frameworks can be extended to mixed reality with Hololens. By the end, you'll have mastered the different bot frameworks available and finally have the confidence to develop intelligent AI Chatbots of their own.

What You'll Learn
  • Review key structural points for building bots
  • Understand the basic requirements for building a bot in each framework
  • Integrate some of the frameworks
  • Compare the features of each framework

Who This Book Is For

Computer Science students, engineers, developers and technology enthusiasts with some background in C#, node.js, and cloud platforms.
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