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Installing Git on WIndows

Steps to install Git on Windows

1) Download the latest Git for Windows.

Create a new Git Repository :

2)  Go to the folder where new downloads gets store, at my machine by default folder is Download folder.
Double click on the installer. The installer gets save on the machine as per the Windows OS configuration. My machine is 64 bits.

Create a Bare Git Repository :

3) You may like to keep the installation to another folder, so here is the chance to do so.I just want to keep it in the suggested default folder in my Program Files/Git.

4) This is the option to store the shortcut of the Git under the Program Menu.

5) This is asking your choice that whether you like to Git from the Windows Command Prompt or you like to use some other program like Git Bash.

6) If you have PuTTY/TortoisesSVN installed, you may see this screen, otherwise just ignore this. Regardless, use OpenSSL to make things easy.

7) Here, we recommend to choose the option of Checkout Windows-style, commit Unix-style line endings. Select next once you have done this

8) Again , just go with default selection and move forward.

9) Just go with default selections, as we will cover the details in later advance chapter.

10) Now, its all done. This will just take few minutes to complete the installation as per your machine speed.

11) Once done , just click on Finish button. c

12) Let's just verify if the installation went for Git. Go to cmd and type git and press enter. you should get the following output on the screen.

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