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Git- Comparing Workflows

Comparing Workflows :

A Git Workflow is a recipe or recommendation for how to use Git to accomplish work in a consistent and productive manner.

Git workflows encourage users to leverage Git effectively and consistently.

These workflows are designed to be guidelines rather than concrete rules.

It is to show you what's possible , so you can mix and match aspects from different workflows to suit your individual needs.

Centralized Workflow

The Centralized Workflow is a great Git workflow for teams transitioning from SVN.

Like Subversion, the Centralized Workflow uses a central repository to serve as the single point-of-entry for all changes to the project.

It gives you access to Git's robust branching and merging model.

How it works :
  • Developers start by cloning the central repository
  • Initialize the central repository

Hosted central repositories
Clone the central repository:
          Git clone command: git clone ssh://user@host/path/to/repo.git

Make changes and commit :
  • git status # View the state of the repo
  • git add <some-file> # Stage a file
  • git commit # Commit a file </some-file>
Push new commits to central repository :
  • git push origin master
Managing conflicts

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