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Testnet and faucets in Block Chain


A testnet is an alternative blockchain used by developers for testing purposes.

The crypto coins mined on a testnet, the so called testnet coins, does not have any real value.

A testnet offers developers a sandbox environment to experiment , without having to use the real crypto coins or worrying about breaking the main chain.

The main chain is also called the mainnet.


You can easily mine your own Bitcoin or Ethereum testnet coins by setting up your own Bitcoin or Ethereum node.

There are less miners on the testnet and the hash difficulty is low enough such that you can easier find the solution to the hash puzzle and thus getting the block reward.

The mainnet and testnet are separate networks.
You can not send coins from testnet to mainnet and vice versa.

To work on the Bitcoin testnet, you need to generate a different formatted testnet Bitcoin address. A Bitcoin testnet address always begin with the letter m or n.

Two examples of a Bitcoin testnet public address:

The Bitcoin testnet address does not work on the mainnet.

For Ethereum there are no differences between testnet and mainnet addresses.
The same address will work on both testnet and mainnet.
You need to be careful not to mix them.


An other way to get testnet coins is to search for a Bitcoin faucet or an Ethereum faucet.

A faucet is a website which dispenses small amounts of testnet coins on your address in exchange for completing a task described by the website.

Use Google and enter keywords : Bitcoin faucet or Ethereum faucet.

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