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Why Learn Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

In the recent times, it has been proven that Machine Learning and Deep Learning approach to solving a problem gives far better accuracy than other approaches.

 Every domain of computing such as data analysis, software engineering, and artificial intelligence is going to be impacted by Machine Learning. Therefore, every engineer, researcher, manager or scientist would be expected to know Machine Learning. 

There is massive growth in the machine learning and deep learning, and opportunities are skyrocketing, making this the perfect time to launch your career in this space.

Ntirawen's Machine Learning & Deep Learning Specialization Training is designed to help you become a top Machine Learning Engineer. This specialization is designed for those who want to gain hands-on experience in solving real-life problems using machine learning and deep learning. After finishing this specialization, you will find creative ways to apply your learning to your work. During this course, our expert will help you in

1. Python Foundations for Machine Learning 
2. Foundations of Statistics & Linear Algebra 
3. Machine Learning Classification Algorithms 
4. Linear Regression, Logistic Regression and Polynomial Regression 
5. Support Vector Machines 

6. Decision Trees 
7. Ensemble Learning, Random Forests 
8. Dimensionality Reduction 
9. Getting Started with TensorFlow 
10. Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks 
11. Convolutional Neural Networks 
12. Recurrent Neural Networks 
13. Autoencoders 
14. Reinforcement Learning 
15. Real-life Projects so that you can apply the skills learnt during the course 

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