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State Space Search in Artificial Intelligence

The students should understand the state space representation, and gain familiarity with some common problems formulated as state space search problems.

Give a problem description, the student should be able to formulate it in terms of a state space search problem.

The student should understand how implicit state spaces can be unfolded during search.

Understand how states can be represented by features.

Goal directed Agent
  • A goal directed agent needs to achieve certain goals.
  • Many problems can be represented as a set of states and a set of rules of how one state is transformed to another
  • The agent must choose a sequence of actions to achieve the desired goal.
Each state is an abstract representation of the agent's environment. It is an abstraction that denotes a configuration of the agent.
  • Initial state : The description of the starting configurantion of the agent
  • An action/ operator takes the agent from one state to another state. A state can have a number of successor states.
  • A plan is a sequence of actions.
  • A goal is a description of a set of desirable states of the world. Goal states are often specified by a goal test which any goal state must satisfy.
  • Path cost : path → positive number Usually path cost = sum of step costs. 
  • Problem formulation means choosing a relevant set of states to consider, and a feasible set of operators for moving from one state to another.
  • Search is the process of imagining sequences of operators applied to the initial state, and checking which sequence reaches a goal state.
Search Problem

S : the full set of states
S0 : the initial state

A:S→S set of operators
G : the set of final states. G⊆S
Search problem : Find a sequence of actions which transforms the agent from the initial state to a goal state a∈G.

The search problem consists of finding a solution plan, which is a path from the current state to the goal state.

Represent search problems
 * A search problem is represented using a directed graph.
  • The states are represented as nodes.
  • The allowed actions are represented as arcs.

Searching Process
  • Check the current state 
  • Execute allowable actions to move to the next state
  • Check if the new state is a solution state
       - If it is not, the new state becomes the current state and the process is repeated until a solution is found or the state space us exhausted.

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