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Assignment of Default Reasoning in AI

1. Which of the following is/are true about default reasoning?

2. What is closed-world assumption?

3. Given a consistent knowledge base KB = { p ∨ q } and the augmented knowledge base (KB+),
mark all the correct options.

4. Given the knowledge base KB = { p ∨ q ∨ r,   q,  ¬q ∨ r },
mark all the entailments of the KB when we use Generalized Closed World Assumption.

5. Consider a KB containing atomic sentences of the form Edge(x,y) which states that node x is connected to node y.
Suppose there is a node called 'p' which is not connected to any other node.
Which properties of KB would necessarily entail ¬∃x Edge(x,p)?

6. For the given KB, identify the set of statements that define the minimal model for circumscription.
KB = {
∀x [ ( Student(x) ∧ ¬Ab(x) ) ⊃ Studies(x) ],
Student(jack),   Student(tim),   Student(kim),
jack ≠ tim,   jack ≠ kim,   tim ≠ kim,
¬Studies(jack),   ¬Studies(kim)

7. Which of the following sets of statements are true in some model of the KB in question 6.

8. Which of the following sets of statements are true under Circumscription in the KB from question 6?

9. What is the Frame Problem in the context of Event Calculus?

10. Circumscribing a Simple Event Calculus KB with respect to the Happens predicate means

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