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Top 10 Reasons to Learn Blockchain

1. Cutting Edge Technology 

Technology moves fast! If you're stuck in your cube editing Java 1.3 code or messing with Power Builder, you probably live in an area of the country where there's only one employer, take a step ahead and walk with the cutting edge technology where Blockchain is one among the leaders

2. High Demand For Blockchain
  • Blockchain Job Market Is Forecast To Grow 16X In The Next 7 Years
  • There are currently 14 Open Jobs for every Blockchain Engineer
3. Calculated Investment in Cryptocurrencies & ICO's
  • Since Blockchain is the underlying technology  of the cryptocurrencies, it will certainly help you in the smart investment.

4. Universal Infrastructure Facility
  • Blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) technologies essentially connect together to form a new type of market infrastructure that sits on top of - and integrates into - existing systems and processes.

 5. Data Security & Digital Identity

 6. Integration with New Age Technology
  • Blockchain technology is the missing Bullet to settle scalability , privacy , and reliability concerns in the Internet of things (IoT)

7.  Industries On Blockchain

8. Inflection Point Of An Era
  • With Financial institutions acknowledging the destructiveness of the Blockchain, predictions are that Blockchain will reach the critical mass around 2024

9. Absolute Disruption in Chain
  • Complicated inter-party processes
          - Inbound Logistics
          - Operations
          - Outbound Logistics
          - Marketing & Sales
          - Service
  • Blockchain will add significant value- improving confidence between parties, reducing friction in the value chain

10. High Paying Jobs
         USD $92,106

Job Roles -
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Blockchain Solution Architect
  • Cryptocurrency Analyst
  • Blockchain Consultant
  • Senior Software Engineer, Cryptocurrency
  • Research Analyst : Blockchain

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