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  • Communication between machine or devices with computing and communication facilities.
  • Free of any human intervention.
  • Similar to industrial supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA).
  • SCADA is designed for isolated systems using proprietary solutions, whereas MACHINE TO MACHINE (M2M) is designed for cross-platform integration.

M2M Overview

M2M Application
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Civil protection and public safety
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Energy & utility distribution industry (smart grid)
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITSs)
  • Healthcare
  • Automation of building
  • Military Applications
  • Agriculture
  • Home networks

M2M Features
  • Large number of nodes or devices.
  • Low cost.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Small traffic per machine/device.
  • Large quantity of collective data.
  • M2M communication free from human intervention.
  • Human intervention required for operational stability and sustainability.
M2M Node Types

Low-end Sensor Nodes
  • Cheap, and have low capabilities.
  • Static, energy efficient and simple,
  • Deployment has high density in order to increase network lifetime and survivability.
  • Resource constrained , and no IP support.
  • Basic functionalities such as, data aggregation, auto configuration. and power saving.
  • Generally used for environment monitoring applications.
Mid-end Sensor Nodes
  • More expensive than low-end sensor nodes.
  • Nodes may have mobility.
  • Fewer constraints with respect to complexity and energy efficiency.
  • Additional functionalities such as localization, Quality of service (QoS) support, TCP/IP support, power control or traffic control, and intelligence.
  • Typical application includes home networks, SCM, asset management, and industrial automation.

High-end Sensor Nodes
  • Low density deployment
  • Able to handle multimedia data (video) with QoS requirements.
  • Mobility is essential.
  • Example : smartphones.
  • Generally applied to ITS and military or bio/medical applications.
M2M Ecosystem

M2M Service Platform (M2SP)

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